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The R.B Academy has been a pioneer and torch bearer in the realm of IIT-JEE coaching. Impressively studded with reputed faculty drawn from the length and breadth of the country, R.B Academy has become a byname in quality education which has now touched tremendous heights of perfection.

We draw our sustenance from the enviable results we have over the years and leave no stone unturned in the all-round grooming of our students. The experienced faculty who are culled gems and highly talented are the backbone of the academy. They have proven track records imparting the best result- oriented coaching with all the inputs of a premier academy.

We are now coming up with a novel on-line test which will horn the skills of students. aalphabeta.comlaunched by R.B Academy is a unit of Stigan Educational Services Pvt Limited is coming up with a novel on-line test which will horn the skills of students. The questions are of a reasonably high level and are time- tested. By attempting these tests the students will be kept abreast of the latest trend in IIT JEE.

The tests dished out by the R.B Academy are on par with almost all the existing competitive examinations. The marks secured by students taking our on-line test are no different from those taken by a student’s of BITSAT or IIT JEE-MAINS.

central university
Mr P.V.Rama Brahmam, the brain behind the concept called the R B IIT Academy is a Post-Graduate in Math and an alumnus of the prestigious Hyderabad Central University. With over two illustrious decades of experience, Mr Brahmam trained several students who went on to bag top notch ranks in IIT / BITSAT. In fact some of the well known IIT faculty teaching in famed institutions in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are his students. Mr Ram Brahmam is not only a Pedagogue of incredible repute but a widely successful author of ‘Maths Marvels’, ‘RPS IIT\AIEEE Math Challenges’ and ‘Conquering Mathematics.’ Apart from holding fort at the prestigious R B Academy, M r Brahmam has been spearheading the workforce in the preparation of top class content for the aalphabeta.com

Mr Kalyan Dutt
Mr Kalyan Dutt is a product from the prestigious IIT Delhi. He Holds a B Tech degree in Electrical Engineering, He is a Physics teacher par excellence and is known far and wide for his excellent command in the subject, He is extensively famous for his teaching skills and novel methodology. He has contributed and developed immensely the Advanced Level questions for the site alphabeta.com and has done a commendable job.
Mr V Rama Murthy
"A Very credible name in the teaching horizon is Mr V Rama Murthy. He is a Post- Graduate in Physics and is a name to reckon with in the stream of IIT physics instruction. He has a rich experience of 18 commendable years, and is one of the top notch faculties at the prestigious R B IIT Academy. Mr Murthy‘s spectacular contribution to content development will go a long way in enabling students to reach greater heights of perfection."
"Mr Kulbir Singh , an IIT scholar, is known to be an exceptional Physics faculty. He has been highly instrumental in developing advance and BITSAT content for this site aalphabeta.com. "
G Srinivas Reddy
Ph.D from O.U
Dr G Srinivas Reddy popularly known as GSR is enriched with over two decades of experience in teaching Chemistry. Mr Reddy has authored several books on AIEEE and EAMCET. Many students owe their success to Dr Reddy who spent much of his valuable time in developing and editing the content for aalphabet.com according to exam standards.. He stands out as one of the faces to reckon with at the R B IIT Academy.

M.Sc Chemistry
Mr Samba Murthy with his rich experience and skilful methodology has been instrumental in preparing, drafting and editing the advanced and BITSAT content for the aalphabeta.com Site. This will essentially aid students to become aware of the modern dynamics of IIT.

M. Gopal
Among the top rung Chemistry faculty , Mr Gopal ‘s name stands out prominently. Apart from displaying his prowess of teaching, he has helped a lot in the content preparation for the aalphabeta.com site and has done an invaluable and enviable job. His contribution will certainly go a long way in helping students reach their coveted goal.

IIT Madras
Mr Nagaraju , an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Madras is a subject expert in his field. With his rich knowledge and expertise, he has contributed enormously in building and editing the content of the aalphabeta.com site.

Narsi Reddy
M.Sc Chemistry
Mr Narsi Reddy, an adept in Physical Chemistry is well known among lecturers and students alike. He too has played a pivotal role in contributing, grooming and editing the content material in the aalphabeta.com site.
Brahma AIR 330
B Tech from IIT Kanpur
Mr Brahma is a renowned scholar widely known in the fields of teaching and E-learning. Having completed 25 years of distinguished service in the above line, Mr Brahma is a by name for conceptual and innovative learning methods. His input to the aalphabeta.com is praiseworthy and will help the student fraternity considerably.

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