User friendly. Simplifies subject practice
Random questions genration strengthens the subject base
Question and answer MCQs assist in self-correction
Performance indicator to judge your level of performance
Chapter-wise choice and practice make you to power in the weaker area
Tests comparison evaluate your performance level from time to time
Explanation and derivations for the complicated questions will help you to learn the solution exactly
Spontaneous results will quench your thirst
Develops cognitive skills
Every test grooms your potential
Helps to acquire speed, accuracy
You can experience upgradition in confidence level
Free from regular practicing hurdles
Evaluated solutions( questions, answers along with explanation) is available even after completing the test/s in your account. (Only for purchased test)
Evaluated solutions (questions, answers along with explanation) can be viewed/read/learnt analyzed at any time (strictly before the expiry)
A large worthy database of nyearly 1 lakh questions is uploaded on the server according to levels, L1 (low), L2 (medium and L3 (hard).
The questions and explanations are prepared by IITians, NITians, central university products and experts of national repute in the field of IIT, JEE, BITSAT, VIT,..... Coaching.
The tests are designed to have similar experience under the real time exam environment.
Tests are designed topic wise, subject wise, and combinations of subjects and topics.
Results automatically graded and instantly available with graphs and charts. It gives you micro and macro level analysis to judge on student’s performance in each test.
No software installations are required.
Detailed easy to follow solutions are provided for most of the tough questions.
Students can appear for the online test any time and from anywhere according to their comfort level.
Immediate activation on payment.
Works with laptops & desktops, ipad’s, iphone’s, tabs & other Smartphone’s.
Contact for a live demo.

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